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A large percentage of our business comes from you, the homeowner. As a result, Walton County Pressure Washing truly appreciates the importance of your business. We also understand that your house and deck are very large investments, and we want to help you retain your investment’s value. Implementing a maintenance plan that includes a yearly house wash and bi-yearly deck seal will ensure your investments do not deteriorate. Power washing and deck sealing provide several key benefits:

  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Reduces UV exposure and wood rot
  • Saves replacement costs
  • Maintains value – looks better
  • An investment that makes sense

Using our efficient, environmentally responsible cleaning agents and cleaning technology, we can safely clean, restore, and preserve any type of painted or wooden siding.

Natural wood decks can be cleaned to look nearly brand new in most cases. A special cleaner is used to remove all mold, mildew, etc. from the surface and inside the surface grain of the wood leaving the deck looking very nice and clean, and free of all debris and ready to be sealed or stained. Walton County Pressure Washing uses this process because it is extremely effective and uses a medium pressure on all wood surfaces. Decks are not cleaned with a bleach (which can have adverse affects on a deck) or water pressure only (which involves using too much pressure to clean the deck and causes damage to the surface). Decks are normally cleaned inside and out, including floor, rails (in and out) and stairs (in and out). The underside is not normally cleaned except in special cases.

After a deck has been cleaned, the boards will be porous and ready to be sealed or stained. This is done a few days after the boards have been cleaned and have dried completely. A variety of products may be used to seal of stain a deck or fence.

Walton County Pressure Washing offers a fully insured Gutter Cleaning and minor repair service to both residential and commercial properties.

Walton County Pressure Washing’s standard gutter cleaning includes cleaning all debris off roofs and valleys, cleaning out all gutters, cleaning off all gutter guards (if present), cleaning out and checking all down spouts, and a spotless cleanup of all debris from the gutters.

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